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PERI UP Flex Torre de Escoramento


PERI UP Flex is the universal modular scaffolding for a wide range of tasks. For realizing shoring assemblies, the system grid dimensions of 25 cm and 50 cm provide optimum adaptation possibilities to suit different geometries and loads. Thus, for example, the legs are simply bundled together in order to transfer concentrated loads. With PERI UP Flex, shoring towers, shoring towers with additional frames as well as spatial shoring can be cost-effectively assembled. With self-securing deck, ledger with gravity lock and the completely flat covering of the working areas, the system offers a very high level of safety. 

High degree of material utilization
through the optimal positioning of the standards according to the respective load situation 

Maximum adaptability
with uniform grid size in all three dimensions 

Movable in large-sized units
through the extremely rigid node connection between the standards and ledgers 

Flexible compatibility
thanks to the optimal coordination to match PERI slab formwork systems as well as usual steel and timber dimensions

Technical Details

  • Modular scaffolding with fully galvanized standards, ledgers, diagonal braces and decking, guardrails and other accessories for shoring assembly
  • As type-tested, free-standing shoring tower up to 8.39 m high and for loads up to 40 kN; restrained at the top up to 21.89 m high (or 22.34 m with spindle extension) and for loads up to 46 kN
  • As shoring tower with additional frames or framework unit for high vertical and/or horizontal loads
  • Project-specific planning as spatial load-bearing structure for virtually all geometries and loads
  • Standards and top standards, ledgers, diagonal braces and decking in many lengths in 25 cm and 50 cm grid dimensions
  • Continuous height adjustment through the combination of 2.00 m long standards and top standards in different lengths
  • Easily adaptable with bay lengths in 25 cm and 50 cm grid dimensions and a node spacing of 50 cm in all 3 directions