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PERI UP Easy* Facade Scaffolding

The lightweight and fast frame scaffold for safe working on facades
The Easy End Guardrail Frame installed in advance is mounted from the lower scaffold level in the next higher level as permanent end protection.
As an option, both guardrails can be attached to the Easy Frame and mounted from the lower level.
The longitudinal slot of the rail is mounted on the guardrail with the bolt and locked in place by twisting.
Fast realization of the corners: For the standard configuration of the internal corner, two frame columns in the corner are simply connected with a ledger.
Rapid installation of diagonals: After inserting the swivel head in the longitudinal hole, the diagonal is pushed down and secured in position with the locking ring.
With the integrated rosette nodes, the scaffolding can be combined with the system components of the PERI UP Flex Modular Scaffolding.
PERI UP decking always completely cover the entire axial dimensions. Covers for gaps in the decking are not required. This increases the level of safety for the user while simultaneously reducing the workload.


PERI UP Easy* facade scaffolding stands for simple and fast assembly. PERI UP Easy* is a “lightweight“ among the range of steel facade scaffolds on the market. In addition, it provides safety in the system then the guardrail for the next level is installed from the scaffolding level below using the Easy Frame without any additional components. Through the rosette nodes on the frame, the system can also be combined with the PERI UP Flex modular scaffolding.

The PERI UP Easy* has a system width of 67 cm. It can be used with either a one-piece or with two steel decks each 33 cm wide. The integrated protection against lifting is featured in both decking versions. This is not only quick and safe but also allows the opening and closing of individual scaffold bays, e.g. for transporting materials.

Consistently following the metric grid design, the program also includes a 100 cm wide frame which can, as an alternative, be used with 25 cm steel decks from the PERI UP Flex modular scaffolding system.

Fast working operations due to the low eight of the individual components

High level of safety
Guardrails without any additional components theough the systemic design

Fast assembly
Assembly with virtually no couplings and a minimum of tools

Special application versatility
Can be combined with PERI UP Flex system components

* Please note that the German approval by the building authorities for PERI UP Easy has been applied for, but not been granted yet. Until such approval by the building authorities is granted, the application of PERI UP Easy is only allowed with a further individual approval. (Additional note from 29th August 2016)

Technical Details

  • Facade scaffolding as working and safety scaffold
  • Standard confifiguration with a 67 cm system width / 66 cm decking width
  • For use as working scaffold in accordance with DIN EN 12811-1:2004-03
  • Can be used as safety and roof edge safety scaffold Class D and as roof edge safety scaffold with protection panels Class SWD 1 in accordance with DIN 4420-1: 2004-03
  • One-piece combi decking b = 66 cm with integrated protection against lifting, can be loaded up to max. LC 3 (2.00 kN/m²)
  • One-piece steel decking b = 33 cm with integrated protection against lifting, can be loaded up to LC 4 (3.00 kN/m²) with l = 3.00 m
  • Gap-free decking surfaces without separate gap coverings
  • Internal bracket decking, removable for use on external walls with a thermal insulation system
  • Fast opening and closing of scaffold bays, e.g. for the transport of materials