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Las Torres de Hércules, Spain

Dados de projecto

Localização: Los Barrios, Espanha

Group of office buildings near Gibraltar, with two towers. Oversize letters integrated into the concrete facade symbolise the wording “Non plus ultra“.

Height: 100 m
Storeys: 21
Construction period: 2006 - 2009

Architect: Rafael de La-Hoz


  • fair-faced concrete
  • limited crane capacity
  • outer and inner formwork on the same climbing platform, which was erected outside


Construcciones Sanchez Dominguez S.A., Malaga

Benefícios para o cliente

  • regular 10-days cycle
Las Torres de Hércules Statement: Juan Jose Gutiérrez Moya, Construction manager
Juan Jose Gutiérrez Moya
Construction manager

This project would not have been possible without the PERI ACS self-climbing technology. It is a great and absolutely safe system. Also the cooperation with PERI is again and again ideal.

Soluções PERI

  • ACS climbing units for an outer radius of 25 m